It was in the early 80’s, playing guitar for agarage band with local neighborhood friends in Queens, that Beanz began his musical journey. Later, switching to Bass after picking up a guitar player for his band, he helped form a cover band playing classics rock, new wave hits, as well as Ramones covers in local Queens bars on the weekends.

By playing these cover songs, Beanz learned all the musical styles and chops. As time went on, Beanz wanted more out of his skills. He then ventured out into the real world and joined a NYC based ska band called BEAT BRIGADE, and from there on it never stopped. Playing on the local scene with such big local acts as the Toasters, Second Step, A-Kings, and the Boilers, it was the second coming of the Ska scene.

Later, Beanz was asked by brother Jeff to help him form and play in a new band with friends Luqmon and Vernon, and thus this was the start of Freaky style; heavily influenced by Fishbone and the Red hot chili Peppers.
From there, the fruitful beginnings of what was later to be known as FUNKFACE emerged and impacted the music scene.

Beanz later played with projects and did some touring and worked with bands like: Murphy’s Law, the Lordz of Brooklyn and many other projects even studio work.
Most of his influences are Punk, Funk, Ska, Reggae, Metal and classic Rock; and you can hear a lot of diversity in these styles in his FUNKFACE songwriting.

His influence’s are Norwood Fisher, Flea, Darryl Jennifer, Jaco Pastorius, Paul Simonon.